January 21st, 2009 Al Jansen reveiws Sea of Bitterness of his podcast.

September 15th, 2008: The Outsight Radio Hours Internet radio program interviews Marian of Kick in the Eye live Sunday, 21 Sept., 4PM Eastern. Information on the show and how to listen and participate via chat is at: http://www.RadioGetsWild.com.

You can access the ORH podcast on the Web. This is the link to actually subscribe to the ORH podcast: http://www.new-sounds.net/mp3/orh.xml Paste that URL into corresponding podcast dialog box or area (in iTunes, go to "Subscribe to Podcast" from the "Advanced" pull-down menu). The show's feed file should now be accessible in your music player, provided it supports podcasts. b

April 28th,2008: We are looking for culture jamming artists/writers/poets to display or present their work at a series of upcoming hall shows we are putting on in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland in Fall 2008. If you are an artist in the Greater Vancouver area and would like an opportunity to display and sell your art or works please contact us ASAP at kickintheeye@3web.com

April 24th, 2008: "Red Army Overdrive", the first single from Sea of Bitterness, is top ten in Ontario! Here's a good review from Nerve Magazine:

"The principles here, Marian and Donnie Lochrie, must be sick of the White Stripes comparisons, but they’re unavoidable given the boy/girl dynamics at work here. Kick in the Eye play basic, roots-based rock enthusiastically and without guile making Red Army Overdrive very easy to enjoy. This three-song demo is just a tease from an upcoming album called Sea of Bitterness, which seems like an odd title given the upbeat tempo of these tracks. Unless the remainder of the album is Joy Division-style doom and gloom, they should call it Sea of Happiness. But that probably wouldn’t sell, would it?" - Chris Walter

And a bad review from Stylus Magazine:

"At times this single is so sugary it can be nauseating, in a way that I can only liken to children’s music. Imagine if you will, any kids television program theme, with the same chorus sung over and over again. Kick in the Eye claim that the three song set was inspired by the writing of Naomi Klein and ‘reflects their views on modern society.’ The three track single was released for National Day of Action and the only tie in to this theme is the final song “Gerald Charlie Stomp” which is inspired by Vancouver based Aboriginal musician Gerald Charlie, but the song has zero political comment. It’s about a dance party where Gerald Charlie is playing, and I’m not sure how the mere mention of his name is meant to bring about political awareness. Even if it did, Marian Lochrie’s bubblegum vocals would still drive you to madness. I really find it difficult to see any political motivation to this music, and instead can only recognize the standard relationship drama that has fueled so much derivative pop music. This is straight up pop rock; a modern copycat of fifties boy/girl bands, with predictable instrumentation, vocals, and little emotion. Sorry." - Daniel Demois.

Listen to the single for yourself and let us know what you think at kickintheeye@3web.com.

April 21st, 2008: The new CD Sea of Bitterness is available now from CDbaby.com. You can also purchase the CD with Paypal. Check out our Sea of Bitterness Page!

February 14th, 2008: Final remixing has delayed the release of Sea of Bitterness for 4 more weeks.

07/19/2005: We have an early show at the MEDIA CLUB with George Leach on July 30th in Vancouver. Music starts at 6:30pm! Come out for a whole lotta shakin going on!

05/09/2005: We will be playing the Picadilly Pub in Vancouver on June 5th. Hope to see ya there.

02/14/2005 : Thanks to Aaron Childs for the airplay. He hosts a great show on Live365.com

01/20/2005: Kick in the Eye has been playing gigs over Christmas and working on the material for the new LP. We have some pictures from a Christmas benefit we played in North Vancouver HERE.

01/02/2005:  Thanks to the North Shore News for publishing a photo of Kick in the Eye, not once but twice. Free promotion is hard to come by so its great when you get some local support.

12/15/2004: Take a listen to our new Christmas Greeting. This is a prep-demo for a song to be recorded on our upcoming LP.

09/21/2004:  Kick in the Eye is playing The Main (4210 Main St, Vancouver) Thursday, October 14th as part of  Rumbletone Productions' Rattlesnake Festival. Then on October 30th we are playing at Maple Farms in North Vancouver as part of their One Hundred and One Pumpkins Event. Hope to see ya at one of the shows!

06/01/2004: This Tuesday night (June 22nd) we will be playing at Vancouver's Home of the Blues - The Yale (1300 Granville St). This is an early show starting at 8pm. You can also read a review of our first CD Starliner. The following is a sampling of what J.R. Oliver had to say: "a fine batch of songs that sound somewhat like Matthew Sweet meets Jesus And The Mary Chain". 

06/01/2004: This Sunday at 5pm EST/2pm PST we will be appearing on Internet Radio. We will be doing an interview and some live songs over the telephone. It should be a lot of fun.

05/31/2004: Wednesday June 9th we are opening for Rich Hope at Vancouver's The Railway Club. Check it out! We're hittin' the stage at around 9:30, so come early!

05/24/2004: We've updated our site with new information and promotions and lowered prices. Also, welcome international visitors from Australia, Germany and Belgium!

05/12/2004: Well, our four month session of hosting the open mic at the Cottage Bistro has come to an end. We've called it quits because we're just so busy writing new songs and working. Fortunately, we won't be abandoning Main Street in Vancouver for long; we've got a gig at The Main Restaurant on Saturday May 22. Come on out to hear the latest Kick in the Eye song develpments. Special guests LOTUS will be starting the evening's entertainment at 10pm, and we'll be closin' 'er down at 1am.

04/01/2004: This Wednesday April 7th, the open mic at the Cottage Bistro will be cancelled for Eugene's birthday. Hope to see everyone again on April 14th! We will be playing some brand new, never before heard material...

02/16/2004: Thanks to CIUT-FM in Toronto for all the fantastic airplay. The new CD Garage Sale-Big Time! reached number 6 after four weeks in the charts. It's great to see some Canadian college stations actually support homegrown music.

01/04/2004: Starting in January, Kick in the Eye will be hosting the Wednesday Open Mic at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main St. Vancouver). Find out why everyone's so excited about the Main Street scene. The Cottage Bistro is casual and fun; jammers of all sorts are always popping in -- everyone from experienced bands testing out new tunes, to songwriters hitting the stage for the first time, to regulars playing their sing-along standards. Whether you are a musician or patron, you are going to feel welcome and you are going to have fun at the Cottage Bistro every Wednesday night! Kick in the Eye starts out the evening at 7:30pm. Come on out!

12/12/2003: Be listening to the Artist First Radio Network at 9pm EST/6pm PST on December 18th for the Kick in the Eye Christmas Interview. You will be able to hear cuts off the new CD "Garage Sale - Big Time", as well as stories from Kick in the Eye's christmas past, present, and future. You can also follow along as we direct you to the Kick in the Eye website. Web Radio is Interactive Radio world-wide. The ArtistFirst DJ will read e-mails live as they come in. It's going to be a lot of fun! Anyone on-line can tune-in on their PC anywhere in the world by logging on to www.artistfirst.com and clicking a "Click here to listen" button.* 

12/07/2003: Vancouver's independent weekly, The Georgia Straight, has a review of the new CD this week. Pick up a copy or read the review HERE.

12/04/2003: Kick in the Eye will be playing a few Christmas songs at the Media Club (corner of Georgia and Cambie) on December 23rd. In case you missed it last year we had added our Christmas Greeting to the page.

11/27/2003: Thanks to CIUT-FM in Toronto for putting Kick in the Eye in their weekly Top 40. Thanks also to the Widget Crew for highlighting the disc and their great comments.

10/22/2003: We already have a review for our new CD Garage Sale-Big Time! Here's a sample: "... “Honey Bee” is the standout single if I ever heard one, falling somewhere between the White Stripes and the 5,6,7,8’s." Read the rest on our page.

10/21/2003: Kick in the Eye will be part of the Johnny Cash and June Carter Tribute being held at the ANZA CLUB in Vancouver on Friday November 7th. We will be performing Jackson, Daddy Sang Bass/Will the Circle be Unbroken, Wanted Man, and Busted. Other performers include: HEATHER GRIFFIN & GOOD WOOD, SHELLEY "AUBURN" CAMPBELL, THE HARRY BALLS, LINDA McRAE & CHEERFUL LONESOME, BOTTLENECK, and EL DORADO.

10/19/2003: We are holding our CD Release Party at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main St.) on Halloween! The new album Garage Sale - Big Time! will be ready for release on October 31st and is going to be available in Vancouver's local independent record stores on Nov. 1st. Come out to the show for the CD listening and then pick up a copy to take home. It is going to be a great night with special performances by Marq DeSouza, Steve Rocks, O&V, and Nicole Steen from Coal. Don't forget to dress up, as there will be prizes given away for best costume.

09/12/2003: Don't miss Kick in the Eye at the very first IMUfest being held September 26th 7pm at the GREEN ROOM in Vancouver, BC. Nine of the city's best local acts are being featured together on one bill. IMUfest is being presented by XFM and sponsored by the WestEnder and R&B Brewing! Advance tickets are now available at Zulu Records (1972 W. 4th Ave) for only $10, and can also be purchased online at www.imufest.com

09/09/2003: We have been in the studio all weekend recording our full-length debut. We should be done mixing by next weekend and hope to have the CD ready for its October 31st release. We will be holding a CD listening and release party at the Cottage Bistro in Vancouver on Halloween Night. Make sure you wear a costume! 

08/10/2003: Big time thank you to The Vancouver Sun for promoting Kick in the Eye at the Cottage Bistro on the 31st: "Mission's Kick in the Eye, featuring Donnie Lochrie (guitar/vocals) and Marian Lochrie (bass guitar/vocals), serve up hip-shakin' boogie-tonk that rocks like the Ronettes meets the Stones. Bliss out at the Cottage Bistro tonight" We really appreciated the prominent feature in their entertainement pullout, "The Queue".

07/30/2003: This just in: Kick in the Eye will be performing at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver. BC Hydro Power Smart Outreach is presenting a BC Day extravaganza at Waterfront Park (one block west of Lonsdale Quay) that will bring the community together with music, food, and games in celebration of BC's unique culture and natural beauty. There is no entrance fee and we will be going on at 2pm, right after the Tae Kwon Do exhibition! 

The Cottage Bistro Presents
Don't miss one of this summer's best indie lineups! The music begins at 8pm and seating is limited at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main St, Vancouver), so be there early! Kick in the Eye will be playing a short set of Super-Charged Country-Fried Boogie at 9:15 and then a longer set of Hot Mush Music at 11:15pm. Also performing that night are: Brian Jensen, Iain Fisher and The Pretty Sad Band. For the complete showtimes and band descriptions, click HERE.

07/04/2003: Our CD EP Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye is now available at CD BABY. We also have a limited number of copies of our new live CD single My Home on the Fraser. The CD contains two new songs and can be purchased for just two dollars at any of our upcoming live shows.

07/02/2003: The lucky Kick in the Eye CD winner for the month of June is Dan M. of Ontario, Canada. If you live around Vancouver, check out our page for a listing of festivals we will be part of this summer. 

06/20/2003: On Tuesday June 24th, we will be playing the Railway Club as part of Way Out Club. (Go sign onto this mailing list now!) Then, in July we will be holding another one of our Kick in the Eye Good Time Music Festivals at the Cottage Bistro. See our page for show details. We are making the Kick in the Eye Good Time Music Festival a regular event and are always looking for new acts to perform. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area, and are seeking exposure, be sure to contact us. We aren't looking for any specific types of music -- just musicians with a lot of enthusiasm! 

05/31/2003: Congratulations to Angie B. from Nova Scotia! We're happy to be sending Rock and Roll Needs a Kick in the Eye to the Trailer Park Boys province.

04/30/2003:  Our CD winner for April is Louise K. of Beautiful British Columbia! Speaking of BC, we will be playing one of the best live places in Vancouver on Tuesday May 6th at the COTTAGE BISTRO (4468 Main St, Vancouver) with Ian Fisher, and Jonah and Amy. The music starts at 8 pm so be there early to get a good seat!

04/01/2003: Congratulations to Susan F. of Ontario, Canada. By joining our fancblub, she's won a signed copy of our CD EP Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye!

03/27/2003: We'll be taking the stage at the Marine Club (573 Homer, Vancouver). Hope you can make it!

03/09/2003: You're sure to get a kick out of this great review from FYD in Seattle. Here's a sample: "I don't think I've smiled this much after hearing something, nor had the urge to get out of my chair and dance around like a dumbass, grinning Flintstone since the first time I heard Papas Fritas's "Hey Hey You Say"...and this has a real similar vibe.  In essence, the ep shares that track's Beach Boys-y "music as instrument of fun" intention." Check out their site for more entertaining reviews: tp://fyd.fuxored.net/

03/09/2003: March 27 is getting closer 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST -- exclusive interview and CD airing! For more entertainment options, check out our Updates Round-up. Or-- join the Kick in the Eye Fanclub. We're just about to send out our second newsletter! In it,  you'll find exclusive Kick in the Eye articles, cartoons, and reviews. 

03/01/2003: Our CD Winner of the Month is Tony P of Texas. But if y'all want to hear our disc, you can tune in to www.artistfirst.com on March 27th at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST. Our CD EP is currently charting at CIUT Radio in Toronto at number 26 and the track No Depression is number 12 on  Germany's independent country music charts. Be sure to tune in to the hour long broadcast on Artist First, you'll get to hear the entire disc. 

02/01/2003: Congratulations to Simon W. of Ontario, Canada. He's our CD winner this month. Here are some links to some new reviews of our CD EP Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye: Independent Country Music Association Germany , Great White Noise , and Blues Bytes Magazine . You might have to look around a bit to find the reviews, but they're there. If you are from the Netherlands or Belgium, and can read Flemish, you can check out a review in Issue No. 39 of Rootstown Magazine

12/31/2002: Wow! I just found out that it is the fiftieth anniversary Hank Williams' death; I know what we'll be playing / listening to tonight. On a less weighty note: it IS the end of the month, and time for our CD draw. This month's winner... the last winner of the year 2002... is: Linda G of Scotland. Congratulations! And Happy New Year to all!!!

12/09/2002: We've recorded a special Christmas Message. Check out our greeting and new Christmas song.We hope it brings some extra cheer your way!

12/01/2002: Congratulations Andrew C. of Peterborough, Ontario! You are the lucky winner of Rock and Roll Needs a Kick in the Eye. To everyone else in our Fanclub: stay tuned. You could win next month! Also, we've got some cool Christmas things planned for y'all.

11/21/2002: We continue to get worldwide airplay and media exposure! In Brest, France, DJ Alain Demers played us for five weeks straight -- one new song from our five song EP each week! Other appreciative countries have been the US, Belgium, Germany, Russia, the UK, and of course, our homeland: Canada. We are going to be getting a lot of exposure in Australia thanks to Melanie

09/26/2002:  Our CD EP Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye was chosen as the single of the week in the "Original Sin" newsletter from Belgium: "Kick in the Eye are a country band but the kind of country you probably haven't heard before, unless you can imagine what it would be if Emmylou Harris was the female singer of The B52's! A hilarious, superfunny band who combine country with jingle-jangle pop. I mean, if Johnny Cash and Bikini Kill can't be united, then it can from now on in Kick in the Eye!!!! Amazing!!!!" Thanks to Didier Becu for the cool write-up.

09/25/2002: Check out the American Styles Vol 1 compilation available from CDReview Network. It's only ten dollars and contains thirteen tunes. One of which is Kick in the Eye's "Stop Messin' My Heart Around"! It also contains a track from local artists COAL. Click on the cover to buy this great new compilation.

10/31/2002: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ... As usual, our end of the month CD winner: Congratulations John B. of Massachusetts!

10/26/2002: Two nights on Main St in November! Friday November 1st we will be performing at the Purple Crab (3916 Main St) along with Willie Krueger. Then on November 21st, we will be at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main St) with Marq DeSouza. Check out the great jam at the Cottage Bistro on Wednesdays with host band Lotus! We've gone a couple of times and had a lot of fun. The band was even so kind as to take some pictures of us. You can check one of them out here.

10/10/2002: We will be playing at CARNEGIE'S (1619 West Broadway-Fir // a block west of Granville) in Vancouver on October 19th at 9pm. Come out for some great food and good time music! 

10/01/2002: Congratulations Richelle D. from Ontario, Canada! You are our monthly CD winner. If this is your first time at the site, join our Kick in the Eye Fanclub. You too could win!
09/03/2002: Our CD EP Rock and Roll Needs a Kick in the Eye is now available at Vancouver's independent retailers: Zulu, Scratch, and Red Cat Records. And remember, you can request our tunes on local radio: 102.7 CFRO (604-684-8494) and 101.9 CITR (604-UBC-CITR).

09/02/2002: We're getting some great promotion and airplay from Never Ending Wonder Radio. Here's what Lee Widener had to say: "Kick In The Eye, really is a kick! For just two people they really have a big sound! They claim a fondness for old country music, but to me their sound is just plain old fashioned rock n roll. They remind me of the best of the early Everly Brothers. Two guitars, two voices, and two souls that just GET DOWN, and have fun doing it! Great stuff!... Kick In The Eye is from British Columbia." Be sure to check 'em out.

08/30/2002: Congratulations Alex E of Texas! You are our monthly CD winner. For all of you just tuning in to the Kick in the Eye website: join our Fanclub; you too could win!

07/31/2002: Our lucky CD winner for the month is Granato G. of  Italy. Congrats and enjoy, Granato! Finally: skip over right to the "Updates Roundup" for our latest writings...

06/27/2002: Congratulations to Donavin C, of Vancouver, BC (Canada) and Carole N of Glascow, Kentucky (USA). Donavin is the May winner of our CD EP draw, and Carole is the June winner. Due to a recent onslaught of fan sign-ups, we will post winners on our website at the end of each month. Fans: sign on to our fanclub now, and you, too, could win our fabulous Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye CD! 

06/25/2002: Kick in the Eye will be appearing at DAMOE'S (formerly Cafe Montreal - 317 East Broadway) in Vancouver. Its located just off Kingsway, near Main Street (facing the parking lot of Kingsgate Mall). DAMOE's is a very comfortable, spacious cafe with lots of room for getting up and dancing if you're so inclined. The place is just getting off the ground. A cozy spot with refreshing drinks, yummy food, and fantastic live music! Show starts at 9pm and there is no cover. Also, be sure to listen in and hear Kick in the Eye being played on the following programs:

RADIO BANDCOUVER Fridays 10pm-Midnight on CFRO 102.7FM 

SAVAGE COUNTRY COUNTDOWN Thursdays 4:00 PM 102.7 FM Co-op Radio

05/01/2002: We have been selected to play NXNE! This means we will be flying to Toronto to appear at Healey's (179 Bathurst St) Thursday June 6th at 10pm. We won't know anybody there; so, if you're in the area, please stop by and say hi! 

05/22/2002: Take a look at some pics from our NewMusicWest performance at the Marine Club on May 10th. Special thanks to photographer Andy Scheffler for the great work.

04/30/2002: We have been reviewed by an Australian magazine called HEARD. You can read the review of our CD Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye

04/29/2002: We are going to be part of Honky Tonky Friday at the Marine Club for NewMusicWest 2002. For all the details, including the full line-up for that night, please check out our section. 

04/18/2002: We have a busy weekend. Thursday (April 18th) and Saturday (April 20th) we are playing at the French Quarter Pub (925 Brunette) in Coquitlam. On Sunday at 3pm, we will be performing live in-the-studio on CITR 101.9FM 's Blood on the Saddle. CITR is available on cable FM and on the internet. We will also be on 100.3 theQ as part of Canadian Content Sunday April 21st between 6 and 7pm. We are going to be part this year for some strange reason. But at least Marian is happy ;-). We will have more information on the actual time and date after April 25th. 

04/10/2002: Thank you to the new fans from all across Canada who have signed onto the Kick in the Eye Fanclub! The winner of our CD draw was Trustan from Vancouver. Fan names continue to stay in the pot until they are selected as winners. If you haven't joined, why not sign up now? SEND

04/07/2002: This month we will be playing the French Quarter Pub (April 18th 8:30 to 10:30 pm) and The Main (April 28th 8:00pm to 11:00 pm). For all the information, including the address, check out our section. Special thanks goes out to Jesse Lyon for his Payback Time defence of our CD EP Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye. Check out the April 4th edition of the Georgia Straight.

03/25/2002: Kick in the Eye will be appearing at Nix Pub in Burnaby this Friday and Saturday with Marq DeSousa on drums. Next month, we will be appearing live-in-the-studio on two local radio programs: Sunday April 21st 3pm - 5pm with Jeff Gray of Blood on the Saddle CITR 101.9FM and Friday April 26th 10pm - 12 am with Mark Bignell ofCFRO Co-op Radio 102.7FM. Be sure to tune in! 

03/15/2002: Kick in the Eye is climbing UP! Our latest position is No. 3 and more DJs are still picking up the disc. Check out the playlist. Read the latest reviews of our CD EP Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye

03/06/2002: Airplay! Reviews! Gigs! Kick in the Eye has entered the CKMS FM chart at No. 8! Kick in the Eye's version of "Shake Yer Hips" is being played on the blues program "Voodoo Healing" alongside the likes of Jimi Hendrix! CKMS is broadcast from the University of Waterloo and is available on the internet. Our promo blitz has garnered some attention, and the reviews are rollin' in. Click to our page for Janis MacKenzie's Discorder (UBC) review, and visit for a very thorough and expert review of, not only, Kick in the Eye's CD, but a number of other independent releases. Last weekend we played at the Astoria Hotel on Vancouver's notorious East Hastings Street. A big THANKS to our fanclub fans who came out to the show. For those of you who missed out, we've been asked back this weekend March 8 & 9. Our Balmoral Hotel date has been moved a week. See us there on March 21, 22, and 23.

02/22/2002: We have a new gig to report: The folks at Nix Pub were pretty impressed when Kick in the Eye played Nix Sunday jam, and were kind enough to offer the band a gig the last weekend of March. It’s an early start, so you don’t have to be out late to have a lot of fun. See ourE page for a complete gigs listing. March is almost full!

02/17/2002: Friday nights be sure to check out CFRO 102.7 FM 's Radio Bandcouver with host Mark Bignell. He has played both "No Depression" and "Stop Messin' My Heart Around" from our latest CD. Please visit his MP3.com station for great live listings and the lastest in local music. If there's something you want to hear - Kick in the Eye, for instance : ) - be sure to let him know. We are also hoping to hear Kick in the Eye being played on CITR 101.9 FM. The host of the radio program Blood on the Saddle has given our CD a listen and we will be playing some songs on his next show (Sun Feb 17th 3-5PM). Call in your request during his show (604) UBC-CITR; he's great about getting requests on right away. Host Don Campau of  No Pigeonholes will be featuring one of our songs on his California radio program and just a few weeks ago we were on Connecuit webradio. Its great to know Kick in the Eye is being beamed out across North America. (All of these programs will be added to our links page soon.)

02/15/2002: We will be playing the first two weekends in March at the Astoria Hotel on E. Hastings St in Vancouver. Later that month we will be performing at the Balmoral Hotel also on E. Hastings. For more information on locations and showtimes please check our page. 

01/30/2002: We've spent the month sending out a blitz of promotional material for review and airplay. We're seeing results already. Kick in the Eye has been played on CFRO 102.7 FM's "RadioBandcouver" and on www.cyberstationusa.com. We are also looking forward to a number of CD reviews in the near future. We will provide links as the reviews come in.

01/10/2002: We had a busy December; we played five shows, including New Year's Eve at the Balmoral Hotel, on the infamous East Hastings Street in Vancouver. The requests for AC/DC averaged three a night, so needless to say, we HAD to rock! You can read more about our shows on our page. In the next few months we will be expanding our appearances to include acoustic shows and coffee shops performances. We will also be checking out the jam nights throughout the Fraser Valley so call our hot line (604.878.KICK) anytime to find out where you can see us next.

10/24/2001: We will be playing three shows in November. First up is the Marine Club in Vancouver on Thursday Nov. 15th at 10:00 pm. Later that weekend we will be at Duke's Pub in Sardis on Sunday Nov. 18 at 9:00 pm. Then on November 30th we have been selected to play at SFU's Highland Pub as part of CJSF Radio's Indie Band Showcase. Showtime is 10:00 pm. For more details, click to our page.

10/22/2001: On Monday November 26th, as part of CJSF Radio's Indie Band Showcase, we will be appearing live on air at 2:00 pm. The program is called Vancouverlicious and you can hear CJSF on cable FM (call sign is 93.9). Hopefully you'll be able to check it out, we might even try to play a few songs live in the studio. 

10/20/2001: Our new CD EP "Rock and Roll Needs A Kick in the Eye" is now available. Five tracks of our country-fried boogie. You can purchase it at any of our upcoming shows or order over the internet by writing us and we will contact you with complete ordering information.