KICK in the EYE is CANADIAN: 20 Original Songs from the Great White North! A Double-length Album for the Price of One!

Vancouver indie band KICK in the EYE has a new release entitled KICK in the EYE is Canadian. The self-produced tracks on this twenty song, double album of Canadiana are split into two groups: one more distinctly rock and roll and one more country and blues.

The song subjects include:
Wondering who are the new Canadian heroes
Wondering why Stompin’ Tom’s music isn’t played more often
Being infatuated with the Trailer Park Boys TV show
Enjoying the music of a First Nations Blues legend
Memorialising one of Canada’s most famous train engines
Questioning the notion of progress in the face of globalisation
Celebrating the people and places in the duo’s lives

The album is available for download from Bandcamp.com:

Kick in the Eye is a duo made up of Donnie Lochrie (Guitar, keys, vocals) and Marian Lochrie (bass, vocals) who have been releasing independent CDs since the mid-nineties. In the last few years, Kick in the Eye’s has added a more socially aware and politically conscious dimension to their indie pop and roots songs. Also, Kick in the Eye’s DIY endeavours have expanded to include music videos – 15 of such can be seen on the band’s Youtube page: www.youtube.com/kickintheeyevideos

Their albums have been called “brilliant” (Discorder Magazine); their sound has been described as “the Ronettes meets the Rolling Stones”; and of their song content, Canadian music critic, Tom Harrison, writes: “Naturally, Kick In The Eye has something to say. The husband-and-wife duo instantly respond to the news or issues of the day with a song and video.”

In promotion of their new album, Kick in the Eye is Canadian, Kick in the Eye released a sci-fi themed EP and music video, called Alien Invasion, to coincide with Canada Day and the release of the new Indepedence Day movie. Here is the write up from The Province / Vancouver Sun:

“Going by the name Kick In The Eye, the husband and wife Lochries have been doing instant singles and videos for years. Their latest is Alien Invasion, a four-track EP topped by amateur sci-fi effects that was released in time for Canada Day, but leads up to a 20-track double album, Kick In The Eye Is Canadian, that will be released B.C. Day. All relevant and lots of fun.

Influences include: The Rheostatics, Sloan, Neil Young, Stompin’ Tom, Doug Mason


Artist / Band Name: KICK in the EYE
Album Name: KICK in the EYE is CANADIAN
Release Date: August 1st, 2016
Genre: Indie Rock / Alt-Country
Website: www.kickintheeye.ca
Twitter: @kickeye
Bandcamp: kickintheeye.bandcamp.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/kickintheeyevideos